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About GEC

Ground Engineering Contractors (GEC) Drilling & Grouting, Inc. is a geotechnical contracting company specializing in drilling and grouting services for the mining and heavy civil construction industries. GEC offers a wide variety of grouting services including contact grouting, consolidation grouting, pre-excavation grouting, chemical grouting, water cut-off, permeation grouting, grout curtains, etc. GEC has experience performing grouting with numerous grout types, allowing us to apply our grouting services to virtually all geologic settings. Drilling work is performed in support of our grouting operations as well as for other drilling applications. Much of our drilling work is performed on difficult access projects.

GEC was founded on the premise that mine operators and general contractors needed a small, versatile, efficient company to supply specialty drilling and grouting services. Based on this philosophy, GEC has established its operations to allow immediate mobilizations, on site decision making, versatile contracting options, and equipment manufacturing and modification capabilities.
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