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Grout Selection

GEC understands that choosing the correct type of grout and designing the grout to meet the project requirements is imperative to a successful project (there’s never been a successful grouting project where no grout was pumped into the ground!). There are numerous factors that go into grout type selection, these include project conditions, project requirements, project access, and most important in many applications, project geology.

GEC is unique in that we are a small company that has the experience and capabilities to utilize virtually all types of grouting and grout materials. We commonly utilize cement grouts (Portland Cement, Microfine Cement, and Ultrafine Cement), chemical grouts (polyurethanes, sodium silicates, and acrylamides/acrylates), as well as epoxy resins and bituminous grouts at times. Unlike many companies who only utilize a certain type of grout and try to make their grout fit the project, GEC can evaluate the project and recommend the grout type which will be the best value to the job, based on both the performance requirements and economics.

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